Governance Support Services

Governance support is an area of relevance for organisations who want to establish an effective governance framework and associated robust practices. Embracing a Māori perspective within governance also holds significance for both Māori and non-Māori entities alike.

Led by our Managing Director, Dr. Jim Mather, our governance support services can be customised to your needs.

Jim is an avid promoter of Māori governance and brings a wealth of knowledge within the governance sphere. Through his work he actively empowers and uplifts Māori having supported organisations such as Papakura Marae, Te Rūnanganui o Ngāpuhi, Te Akatea, Te Mātāwai and more, with governance workshop, advice and support.

As a Chartered Fellow of the NZ Institute of Directors and an experienced Chair and professional director, Dr. Jim Mather is well placed to oversee Board reviews incorporating both tikanga Māori and Western approaches to governance. He is a valued and vocal advocate for Māori interests across his many governance positions including Director of Southbase Construction Limited, Chair of Radio New Zealand, Independent Director of Tonkin + Taylor, National Member of the Institute of Directors and Chair of Ngāti Awa Group Holdings. 

Our governance support training and development can be tailored to suit your needs through individual and group options where required.

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    Leadership Development
    Mentoring and coaching are some of the options available to provide the right type and level of support to leaders at all levels within your organisation.

    The importance of effective leadership at the executive and senior management levels is critical to the success of all organisations. Mather Solutions provides customised support to ensure core Māori leadership elements are incorporated into the overall attributes of leaders of Māori organisations or other leaders focused on engagement with the Māori economy.

    Māori Governance workshop
    Deepen your understanding of Māori values and principles and their practical application in leadership. This workshop offers insights into integrating kaupapa Māori into your organisations governance and leadership.

    The format of governance wānanga programme will follow an initial process of engagement with course participants and identification of key outcomes. 

    Who is this for?

    • Governance and executive leaders who want to position their organisations as being progressive and aligned with the future bi-cultural / Treaty-based partnership trajectory of Aotearoa New Zealand
    • Individuals seeking leadership support and mentorship

    Let us know what support you are looking for by sending a message and providing your details and we’ll reach out to you.