Te Whāriki

‘Te Whāriki’ is a foundational te ao Māori learning programme aimed at enhancing participants understanding of and ability to integrate te ao Māori into their lives.

The term ‘Whāriki’ in te ao Māori is known as a woven mat and carries profound significance. To some, they represent the interwoven strands of knowledge and time.

Our course, ‘Te Whāriki’, is likened to the intricate art of weaving a ‘Whāriki’, symbolically binding together diverse strands to enhance participants foundational understanding of te ao Māori.

The programme is delivered specifically to corporate leaders for small groups of people up to five. Te Whāriki provides a safe one-on-one learning environment for participants. The programme itself fosters a dynamic environment for participants to share their experiences and collectively deepen their understanding and is heavily wānanga / discussion-based.

We deliver ‘Te Whāriki’ in-house where we come to your organisation or online. The programme spans across six two-hour sessions, however, the length of time for each session can be adapted to suit your specific needs.

Aims and outcomes of Te Whāriki

  • Establish foundational understanding of te reo Māori and tikanga Māori
  • Foster cultural awareness and language proficiency
  • Think deeper and explore what integration of te ao Māori into your personal and professional life may look like

Te Whāriki comprises of six sessions that cover the following topics:

  • Whanaungatanga, pepeha and pronunciation
  • Te reo Māori
  • Te Tiriti o Waitangi
  • Te ao Māori
  • Māori values
  • Tikanga Māori

Note: The topics covered may vary based on the progression of the sessions. You will be provided with a comprehensive coursebook covering the above components as well as other aspects of Māori culture, history and governance.

The course outline can be adjusted based on the duration of the session and the specific needs and interests of participants.