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MSL Case study – OCS

OCS New Zealand (OCS) is a proudly progressive Aotearoa New Zealand business, employing over 3,600 Kiwis with 76 nationalities. Mather Solutions were engaged to help redefine the culture of OCS to reflect their unique identity.

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  • The ability to understand and apply a Te Tiriti lens to governance decision-making is a fundamental skill set in our context. We found in Dr Jim Mather and his team a deeply knowledgeable, experienced and engaging set of experts who offered learning sessions which strengthened our understanding of Tātaki Auckland Unlimited’s responsibilities and the opportunities to lead with a Te Tiriti responsive approach. We appreciated the philosophical underpinnings of the sessions with the Mather Solutions team. Not only did we grow our governance capability, but we also fostered whanaungatanga and grew a collective understanding under the framework of “Kia uru kahikatea te tū”.

    “Ko te manu e kai ana i te miro nōnā te ngahere, ko te manu e kai ana i te mātauranga nōnā te ao”.

    Thank you Mather Solutions.

    Helen Te Hira

    Tātaki Auckland Unlimited

  • I am writing to provide a heartfelt testimonial for the outstanding Māori development services provided by Mather Solutions. Our partnership with Dr Jim Mather and his amazing mana wāhine team members has been nothing short of transformative for our Māori business organisation, and I am thrilled to share my experiences.

    We recognised the need for expert guidance and a comprehensive strategy to navigate the complex landscape of the understanding of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, the Māori economy, and aligning everything we do towards our tikanga/values. From the very beginning, Mather Solutions impressed us with their professionalism, industry expertise, and commitment to our success.

    The impact of their services became evident almost immediately. Mather Solutions conducted a thorough analysis of our current operations, market positioning, and growth potential. They then crafted a tailored roadmap that addressed our unique needs and aspirations. This strategic plan served as the foundation for our collaborative efforts moving forward.

    One of the standout qualities of Mather Solutions is their ability to think creatively and identify innovative solutions to propel our business forward. Their team brought fresh perspectives and a wealth of experience to the table, which led to the implementation of numerous strategies and initiatives that have significantly improved our Internal Strength organisation.

    Throughout our engagement, Mather Solutions consistently demonstrated their dedication to our success. Their team provided ongoing support, monitoring our progress, and making necessary adjustments to ensure we stayed on course toward our growth objectives. Their responsiveness and willingness to go the extra mile have been invaluable to us.

    I am proud to say, thanks to the partnership with Mather Solutions, our company has experienced remarkable growth and achieved milestones we once considered unattainable. Our team is more motivated and aligned than ever before. This success has not only had a positive impact but has also enhanced our brand’s reputation in the Hauora industry across Aotearoa and Australia.

    In conclusion, I wholeheartedly endorse Mather Solutions to anyone seeking comprehensive and effective support. Their expertise, commitment, and innovative approach have been instrumental in our journey to success. Mather Solutions has become an indispensable partner in our leadership development, and I have no doubt that they can do the same for your organisation.

    Kei te mihi ki a Mather Solution, thank you for your exceptional support and guidance. We look forward to continuing our partnership and achieving even greater heights together empowering others.

    Mauri ora!

    Paul Whatuira – Kaitohu

    Internal Strength Limited


  • Jim’s facilitation made a significant impact on our governance team. Jim clearly did his homework on our organisation, which supported fruitful dialogue and discussion. Jim shared valuable personal experiences that enhanced our understanding of governance practices and strategies. His calm and approachable manner created a nurturing atmosphere, allowing us to openly discuss concerns and build trust. Jim skillfully managed discussions, even when they wandered off-topic, and always focused on opportunities for improvement rather than weaknesses. His facilitation was culturally appropriate and thought-provoking, challenging us to improve.

    Corey Hebberd

    Kaiwhakahaere Matua / General Manager

  • “E kore e mimiti ngā tai o mihi ki runga i te rangatira nei a Jim. Ōna pukenga me ngā kōrero hei whakakīnaki i ngā uara me ngā rautaki kua tukuna. Hikaka ana ngā whakaaro me ngā āhua o ngā tauira e ako ana i tōna mātauranga. Jim provided a superb gateway into governance brought to life by real life examples across a range of contexts and industries. The wealth of discussion enabled participants from many walks of life to connect with the principles of governance and gave them room to apply them in kaupapa Māori organisations. Jim is an excellent presenter bringing confidence and humility in equal parts.”

    Carlo Ellis

    Manager – Strategic Maōri Engagement

  • “We were privileged to have Pā Jim and his team support us for a strategic planning process between the organisations executive team and the Board of directors. Jim and his team provided excellent facilitation and supported us as we endeavoured to bring together our collective thinking and mātauranga. As a by Māori, for Māori and with Māori kaupapa it was critical for us to work together with an organisation who understood our specific needs and aspirations. Mather Solutions was able to provide us with what we needed.”

    Kemp Reweti – Manahautū

    Chief Executive – Pūhoro Charitable Trust.

  • We asked Mather Solutions to deliver a tikanga Māori based strategy session for our company. Many of our team were born and raised overseas so we had a wide variety of understanding of Te Ao Māori. Moana and Te Kowhai guided us through the process with great skill. They were flexible enough to adapt to the diversions when we wanted to explore more about a particular concept, but they still managed to assist us to meet all our objectives for the day. We not only had a productive strategy day – we all learnt heaps and enjoyed ourselves as well. The team at Mather Solutions are highly skilled and professional. Their ability to bring a practical Te Tiriti lens to our work, bodes well for the future of the Predator Free 2050 Objective in Aotearoa.

    Rob Forlong

    Chief Executive | Tumu Whakarae

  • I am delighted to endorse Mather Solutions, with a special commendation for Jim, Te Kowhai, Moana, and their team, for their pivotal role in guiding oOh!media NZ on our Tikanga Māori journey. Mather Solutions has been our compass on this transformative path, offering unwavering support and expertise. They helped us craft a clear roadmap, aligning our approach with respect, authenticity, and cultural significance. Their dedication to fostering cultural diversity and understanding within our organisation has had a profound impact already. I would highly recommend their services to any organisation seeking to embark on a similar cultural journey.

    Nick Vile

    GM oOh!media NZ

  • “Jim and his team provided a high-level and authentic experience for our board and leadership team to explore our journey with Te Tiriti o Waitangi. Moana was warm, engaging, and expertly skilled in facilitating kōrero so it focused on our kaupapa of equity in lifelong education. As a community-led organisation, we made it clear we weren’t looking for a policy to put on the shelf – we wanted a space to push our views and practices forward. Our time with Moana and Te Kowhai absolutely achieved that. We’re still referencing our learnings with the Mather team more than six months on.”

    Dr Ryan Morrison


  • Taking an inclusive and informative approach imbued with whakapapa, Moana brought to life the history and context of Te Tiriti o Waitangi. By weaving in aspects of Māori culture and with examples relevant to aged care services, Moana created an atmosphere which enhanced receptivity, giving the participants the confidence to be curious and gain real insight.

    Carriann Hall

    CEO CHT Care Homes

  • “Thank you to the Mather Solutions team for such rich sessions that has supported our organisation towards our priority of embedding Te Tiriti into our organisation. Moana is such a wealth of knowledge, facilitating each session with authenticity and credibility, creating space for people to share, ask questions and explore topics shared. This stood out particularly because we were a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural group. It was really empowering, respectful and engaging to have both Moana and Te Kowhai acknowledge the different perspectives in the room; welcoming us into this learning opportunity. Having Moana and Te Kowhai, share their own experiences alongside our board, staff and friends attending, helped ground concepts in practice, and in real world situations; enabling us to see opportunities for ourselves and our organisation. Thank you Moana and Te Kowhai, for their incredible leadership, leading such insightful important kōrero. It was the right fit for our organisation and helped particularly our board see the next steps to truly embedding Te Tiriti into our organsiation”

    Rochana Sheward

    CE, Belong Aotearoa

  • Mather Solutions deliver their content in a highly professional and engaging manner. Jim, with his many years of senior experience, shares examples which demonstrate the powerful and positive impact that Māori values can have on an organisation and the people within it. Moana’s extensive experience with the Waitangi Tribunal builds on this with relatable insights which are delivered with integrity. Whether your staff are completely new to these concepts or are highly experienced, Mather Solutions will help broaden your capability toward applying these principles meaningfully, to uphold and uplift the principles of Te Tiriti in a way that is beneficial to all.

    Christina Roigard


  • We were delighted to engage Mather Solutions to support our journey in growing our understanding of Te Ao Māori. Jim is a wise guide and his team are also exceptional – thanks to Te Kowhai and Moana for your advice too!

    The written material that we received on our journey was superb. We also appreciated Mather Solutions’ flexibility in tailoring the learning to our needs.

    Peter Kerridge

    Partner, Kerridge & Partners

  • Jim has been a critical support for us as we have delved deeply into what it means for us to be a Treaty partner and to ensure our services are accessible to all communities. This involved bringing our Board and senior leadership team into a shared understanding of the ‘why’ as the most important foundation. From there, we have been able to set ourselves goals and develop a strategy that is based on building our competence, making our services accessible and establishing truly reciprocal partnerships.

    Jim’s extensive governance and strategy expertise, along with his mana enhancing approach, have been invaluable in navigating us along this path.

    Tina Mitchell


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  • Dr Mather and his team bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to their Te Tiriti o Waitangi work. This means that people from all backgrounds who participate in their workshops learn in an atmosphere that is serious yet relaxed and engaging. What is offered can be trusted and is relevant to the public sector. The ACC staff and Board found the work they did with Dr Mather and his team both enlightening and useful. Complex ideas were explained clearly, questions were answered, and everyone was made to feel a valued part of the process.

    Steve Maharey

    Chair ACC

    ACC Logo

  • “Thank you Jim for facilitating the NorthTec Board and SLT strategic planning workshop post-lockdown 2020. You delivered what we needed at the time, on time and on target, with sincerity and authenticity. Ngā mihi nui!”

    Ripeka Evans

    Chair NorthTec Limited.

  • “Jim is an outstanding strategic thinker with strong governance and business skills. He operates in a mana enhancing way that people warm to and consequently he is able to achieve outstanding results”

    Greg Peters

    Tumu Whakarae | Chief Executive Officer
    New Zealand Rugby League

  • “For us, Jim’s diverse governance, executive, military and personal experience cumulated to well-rounded advice that is simple, clear and considerate of the multiple layers of business.

    A gifted orator, Jim brought authenticity to the insights, advice and guidance he provided our teams by drawing on and sharing real-life experiences and stories in a way that was relevant and thought provoking.”

    Peter Lord

    Chief Executive
    Citycare Property

  • “Jim is the real deal.  He is insightful, progressive and approachable.  His personal and professional experiences throughout New Zealand (and the globe) means he has unique perspectives on strategy.  He is a natural leader.  A charming storyteller.  An eloquent speaker.  He brings an authenticity with him that is too often missing in today’s corporate environment”.

    Laura Scampion

    DLA Piper NZ

  • “Jim supported Sport NZ recently as an independent advisor working on our National Partner strengthen and adapt programme. The programme was established to support Sport New Zealand’s National Partners to rebuild in the medium term, and make changes to operate successfully post-pandemic, strengthening their capability and capacity to create a better future.” 
    “In this role, Jim’s considered, strategic, mana enhancing approach was evident from the outset. As was his ability to add value across governance, commercial, operational and cultural dimensions. Of particular note was Jim’s understanding of how to integrate the principles of Te Tiriti into the business of sport.”
    “Sport NZ, our partners and wider stakeholders involved in the strengthen and adapt programme thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with Jim on this journey.”

    Jennah Wooten

    General Manager, Partnerships & Communication
    Sports New Zealand

  • “Jim is the ultimate professional executive and director. His understanding of management and governance comes from a grounded and diverse experience from growing up in a small village to sitting around the board table of some of the largest Māori and public service organisation in Aotearoa. Jim’s delivery is accomplished in true military fashion with clarity of purpose, and a clear easy to follow path between theory and practice punctuated with humour and real life examples.”

    “Of particular note is Jim’s ability to traverse both Māori and non-Māori perspectives. He kaiwhakairo a te kupu, he ihu pūmanawa, he toki!”

    Lewis Ratapu

    General Manager
    Tātau Tātau o Te Wairoa

  • “Jim, superbly guided our strategy refresh using a kaupapa Māori frame of reference woven with business best practice. By pulling together the many diverse strands of whānau, trustee, stakeholder and staff feedback, the organisation developed a strong and inclusive plan.”

    “Jim is uncompromisingly professional, works well with stakeholders, and is very supportive of kaupapa Māori initiatives.”

    George Reedy

    Chief Executive Officer
    Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga