Te Kahikatea Corporate Wānanga Programme

Te Kahikatea Corporate Wānanga Programme

Who Are These Corporate Wānanga Designed For?

Our corporate wānanga programmes provide a unique opportunity for the governance and executive leadership teams of organisations to strengthen their whanaungatanga (relationships) in a process based on kotahitanga (unity of purpose). They can be undertaken by boards or executive leadership teams together or independently.

Our courses are designed for directors, governors, trustees, executives and other leaders of:

  • Private sector organisations
  • Crown entities
  • Central government ministries
  • Local government agencies
  • Professional bodies
  • Not-for-profit entities
  • Iwi entities and Māori organisations

Our Unique Wānanga Approach

Essentially this corporate wānanga involve the Board and/or Senior Leadership teams undertaking a cultural journey of discovery together and being equipped to implement specific elements to improve your organisation’s cultural capability, confidence and competitiveness.

The wayfinding / cultural journey process is used to develop answers to the why, what and how questions, and to provide clarity as to what your organisation expects to achieve by arriving at the ‘destination’.

Some examples of key objectives realised by past and current corporate participants in the wānanga programme include:

  • Understanding why cultural competency and understanding is important.
  • Creating a meaningful culture shift through the integration of Te Ao Māori perspectives and practices into the way your organisation operates.
  • Differentiation of your organisation from competitors through greater cultural capability, authenticity and assuredness.
  • Improved understanding of Te Tiriti o Waitangi principles and their relevance to your organisation and your clients (and their practical application).
  • Stronger cultural competency and confidence levels across the entire organisation.
  • Provision of a strong cultural foundation upon which to develop and strengthen relationships with Iwi and communities.

The format of the corporate wānanga programme follows an initial process of individual engagement with course participants and identification of key outcomes prior to mapping out the wānanga process. A format used by several corporate clients is as follows:

Wānanga Topics
Wānanga Tuatahi

Whakawhanaungatanga (strengthening relationships)

Orientation – why? / what? / how?

(a) Planning the journey
(b) Identifying the destination
(c) Mapping out the course

Wānanga Tuarua

Māori cultural perspectives / Worldview knowledge

(a) A Māori world view
(b) Key Māori cultural concepts, values and principles
(c) Māori relational perspectives and engagement with Māori
Wānanga Tuatoru  

Te Tiriti o Waitangi / The Treaty of Waitangi

(a) Historical context
(b) Contemporary context
(c) Principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and their relevance
Wānanga Tuawha

Organisational Capability Planning 1

(a) Governance and ELT – strengthening of cultural understanding and capabilities
(b) Relationships with Māori
(c) Structural Issues – unconscious bias, inequities and racism
Wānanga Tuarima

Organisational Capability Planning 2

(a) Workforce capability – leadership, recruitment & retention, training & development
(b) Environmental issues
(c) Policy development & service delivery

Please note that the corporate wānanga programme is completely customisable to the unique requirements of your organisation. For more information please contact either Dr Jim Mather or Moana Tuwhare.