Recruitment Support

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    Mather Solutions can provide support to assist your organisation in the recruitment of staff to roles that require strong Māori cultural capability, knowledge and understanding.

    Our support services include:

    • Providing cultural integrity and insights into the overall recruitment process
    • Contributing to the development of the job description
    • Assisting with the wording and positioning of your advertisements and recruitment campaign
    • Confirming reo Māori and tikanga capabilities
    • Providing access to our vast network of potential candidates
    • Supporting the interview process
    • Assisting with reference checking and induction processes

    This service is lead by Jim Mather who is a remarkable and seasoned leader, with over 25 years of business and leadership experience which he utilises to contribute meaningfully to the success of our communities. Dr Jim has experience in various leadership and governance roles. His impact is felt through advisory and mentorship with other Māori. He is a mentor to many, generously sharing his knowledge and experiences to guide and further empower others.

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