Cultural Concepts Wānanga

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Māori Cultural Perspectives and Values

Course Duration: One Day

If the course dates currently offered do not suit you, please register your interest to attend on an alternative date here and we will contact you once further dates have been set.

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Māori Cultural Perspectives and Values

During this workshop you will learn about:

  • Key Māori cultural values and how they influence Māori perspectives in business and governance.
  • Why Māori cultural values are relevant to your organisation.
  • Introducing/strengthening Māori protocols and perspectives in governance and operations.
  • Tips for strengthening cultural competency throughout your organisation.
  • Relational perspectives and engagement with Māori. Understand the key elements in developing and strengthening relationships from a Māori perspective.
  • Why cultural concepts are relevant when interacting with Māori organisations or within the Māori economy.
  • Understanding partnership approaches.